List of Services

Pixcellence provides production assistance and post-production services for promotional videos for television and the internet, interviews and testimonials, and event coverage.

Video Production

Production is the stage where the video is made. The Company will offer filming/shooting videos, including lighting, angles, graphics, set pieces, and location and will aim to make the video or film production as appealing as possible. The service will include:

Production management

Set design


Cameramen (Video Shooting)

This service captures and records all aspects of scenes for video production. Camera operators assigned to a project that requires this service will apply the principles of lighting, staging, focusing and filtering to achieve the visual look for the video production.

Postproduction Services

Pixcellence makes sure that the entire video has been recorded as planned and put together the sound effects, visual effects, colours, audio enhancements, and sound design to create the final output. Specific services include the following:

Video Editing

The Company will offer video editing services adopting the latest technology, including the non-linear editing systems that employ the power of magnetic timelines. Video editing services include cutting segments (trimming), re-sequencing clips, adding transitions and other special effects.

Video Rendering

The Company will offer video rendering services that will make the video playback in real-time with all its effects in place9.

Other Services related to Videography and Photography

Other services related to videography can be offered by the Company, such as photography, custom-designed graphics and illustrations, 2D and 3D graphics, and motion graphics.